The STARTLED project

The project STARTLED "STimulating And oRganizing The deveLopment of crEative iDeas" has been funded by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano within the RTD call 2016. Its Principal Investigator is Dr. Yuri Borgianni, Faculty of Science and Technology.

The tool developed in the project, which anyone can freely access by registering and logging in, guides designers, R&D teams, product developers, (aspirant) start-uppers in the search of new ideas. The task is performed through a variety of stimuli, abstract terms and corresponding pictures, which address a great number of benefits any product or service can fulfil. The tool developed within the project is particularly recommended when radical innovations are desired and they should be based on unprecedented benefits for customers or other players. Such an instrument is based on a long (and not yet concluded) research activity, which has started from investigating the sources of new value for successful products, subsequently summarized in a list of stimuli. At the present stage, we are working on making previously developed systems more interactive, richer of contents and on allowing users to benefit from generated ideas more easily.

We expect that your outcomes will be the starting point for or the rationale behind the generation of new, successful, original, creative products. If this will not happen soon, we are pretty sure that the proposed stimulation mechanism will be useful in the future for other though-provoking, intriguing product development tasks.

If you want to have more information about the research fundamentals behind this activity, visit the “Scientific Background” page.

Stay tuned and don’t get startled!


Scientific Background